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“For the People”

Posted on: March 17th, 2015 by Safi wa Nairobi
Hear the tribute to underground cartoonist, Spain Rodriguez, 4pm – 6pm, PDT, on KPOO, San Francisco. Initially presented at the Brava Theatre Centre (www.brava.org) back on the 16th March 2013, the tribute includes music, film excerpt, and testimonials. Born Manuel Rodriguez in Buffalo NY on 2 March 1940, Spain Rodriguez, a founder of the United Cartoon Workers of America, is well known for his leftist politics and artistic creations. His seminal work include creation of the character “Trashman.” Spain is said to be the first muralist in the San Francisco Mission District. Spain’s more recent work are an illustrated biography of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, “Che: A Graphic Biography” (2009). Published in several different languages, “Che: A Graphic Biography,” is described as “brilliant and radical. Among awards presented to Spain, induction into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame, summer 2013. Had he not succumbed to cancer In November 2013, Spain Rodriguez would have gone 75 back on the 2nd March 2015. The legacy of Spain Rodriguez continues throughout the Mission District, San Francisco, the nation and the world. Tune in to the tribute to Spain Rodriguez, Tuesday the 17th March, 4pm – 6pm, PDT, “For the People,” produced and hosted by Safi wa Nairobi (safi@poo.com).

“For the People” Tuesday 10 March 2015

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by Safi wa Nairobi
Hear an encore presentation from Dr. Julia Hare (www.blackthinktank.com), as well as music and conversation with Kiran Ahluwalia (www.kiranmusic.com), as “For the People” continues to celebrate Women’s History Month Tuesday the 10th March, with poetry, music, conversation, commentary and more, on 89.5FM, KPOO, San Francisco, and throughout cyberspace, www.kpoo.com. Tune in!

For the People

Posted on: February 24th, 2015 by Safi wa Nairobi
Remember Africville, as former residents from one of Canada’s earliest Black settlement on the shores of Bedford Basin (Halifax, Nova Scotia), discuss displacement and redevelopment. Berel Alexander represents the Yiddish Theatre Group as they kick off the Jewish Music Festival in Berkeley later this week. And two lovely young ladies–Adella and Kairi–share youthful wisdom about Black History Month. Music from Buika, (returning to San Francisco this Saturday), commentary and more, happen on 89.5Fm, KPOO, San Francisco (www.kpoo.com), Tuesday the 24th February 2015, 4pm – 6pm, PST, For the People, with host Safi wa Nairobi (safi@kpoo.com). Tune in, see.

“For the People”

Posted on: February 9th, 2015 by Safi wa Nairobi
Ernie Pinata, Bay Area Treasure and band leader of the Delta Wires (www.deltawires.com), joins us in-studio to discuss their current work and their upcoming performance at Biscuits and Blues (www.biscuitsandblues.com). Got long overdue commentary for you, and Nicholas Payton (www.nicholaspayton.com) talks about his incredible work and an upcoming performance at the JCCSF (www.jccsf.org) on Sweetheart’s Day, 14 February 2015. Hear that and more, Tuesday, the 10h February, 2015, on 89.5FM, KPOO, San Francisco, and throughout cyberspace, www.kpoo.com, For the People, 4pm – 6pm, PST.

“For the People”

Posted on: February 2nd, 2015 by Safi wa Nairobi
Celebrate living legend and Bay Area Treasure, John Handy (www.johnhandy.com), who goes 82 on Tuesday, the 3rd February, on KPOO, San Francisco, “For the People”. Also, hear a conversation about the recent International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, with in-studio guest, Steven Suen, proprietor of Biscuits and Blues (www.biscuitsandblues.com). Additionally, we remember the life and music of Varetta “Mercy Mr. Percy” Dillard. Then, Jason Crosby of Doobie Decible System Band (www.ddsband.com), joins us for an in-studio acoustic set in support of the upcoming Greg Anton Book signing at Sweetwater (www.sweetwatermusichall.com) in Mill Valley on Sunday the 8th. And, Grammy-Award winning trumpeter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Nicholas Payton (www.nicholaspayton.com), shares his wisdom, prior to a return visit to the Jewish Community Centre of San Francisco (www.jccsf.org), on Sweetheart’s Day. Hear that and more, Tuesday, the 3rd February 2015, 4pm – 6pm, PST, on 89.5FM, KPOO, San Francisco, “For the People”. Produced and hosted by Safi wa Nairobi (safi@kpoo.com).

Chata Gutierrez, 3/4/53-12/17/13

Posted on: December 23rd, 2013 by DJ Marilynn
Chata Gutierrez Chata Gutierrez & Bobby Webb

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Micaela “Chata”Gutierrez joined her ancestors Tuesday morning, December 17, after her 5-year battle with cancer. Chata has been with KPOO since the beginning, when she was only 18 years old. She was a wonderful DJ and an even more wonderful person.

On Saturday, December 21, during what would have been her show, people came to the station to pay tribute to their friend. Their words spoke more eloquently than we ever could.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8