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“For the People”

Tune in to 89.5FM, KPOO, San Francisco, Tuesday 31 October 2017, 4pm – 6pm PDT, “For the People.” Hear music from the newly recorded CD–Instinct–by keyboardist, singer, songwriter Caesar Frazier (http://www.caesarfrazier.com). Then, it will be nearly two hours of bewitching, ghostly, grueling and haunting sounds on All Hallows’ Eve. Hear that and more, Tuesday the 31st October, on 89.5FM, KPOO, San Francisco, (http://www.kpoo.com), 4pm – 6pm, PDT, “For the People.” Co-hosted and co-produced by Rockin’ Jim Rigsbee (grooveyardjim1@yahoo.com) and Safi wa Nairobi (safi@kpoo.com).
Posted on: October 31st, 2017 by Safi wa Nairobi